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The Institute of Sanative Arts offers continuing education courses throughout the year. Check back with us, we will continue to add classes as we expand our CE catalog! Click below to join our email list. We will send you information about the latest upcoming courses and all of the new additions.

Available Courses


Save your hands and add benefits to your massage services with helpful modalities. We will go over contraindications, sanitation and techniques for Hot Stones, Synergy Stones, Castor Oil Treatment Packs, and Bamboo. 6 CEU for Licensed MT's.

Monday - January 15, 2024

Essential Oil Techniques for Pain

Using a specific set of Essential Oils combined with manual therapy down the spine with laminar groove work, can assist with pain management along with healing, balancing and harmony for full body wellness - mentally, physically, and emotionally. 6 CEU for Licensed MT's.

Monday - February 5, 2024


Enhance your chair massage or event massage services with techniques that will help save your hands and body along with giving your client an amazing onsite/event massage they won't forget. 6 CEU for licensed MT's.

Saturday - February 24, 2024


Improve your movement and stretching for clients on the table. Enhance your massage by incorporating Thai movements and more joint mobilization and limb movements to stretch and improve the effectiveness of your massage. Creating space and releasing tension is a wonderful way to improve your client’s experience. 6 CEU for Licensed MT's.

Monday - April 1, 2024


Almost everyone has had a headache at sometime in their lives, it is the most frequent form of pain people experience. Tension headaches are the most common form of headache, followed by sinus and migraine headaches. This course presents specific information explaining different types of headaches, known causes of headaches, massage therapy benefits and contraindications. Acupressure, stretching, trigger point release and fascial mobilization techniques are presented.

Saturday - April 6
4 CE's


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is a common issue among many people. Some people feel pain in the TMJ others may feel popping or clicking in their jaw. Muscle dysfunction, misalignment of the TMJ or stress can cause pain in the TMJ area. This class demonstrates assessments and techniques designed to decrease pain and dysfunction in the TMJ area.

Saturday- April 6
4 CE's

MLD 101 & 102

The lymphatic system pulls excess fluid, waste products, proteins and pathogens from around the cells. This system plays an important part of the immune system by programing lymphocytes and filtering pathogens through the lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that is specifically addressing the lymph system used to decrease swelling in the body, reduce headaches and may decrease many types of pain. This course covers the anatomy, physiology, and pathologies of the lymph system. The course will teach gentle and rhythmic techniques used to address edema and other lymphatic issues.

2 Day Class
Saturday - May 18 - 9am-5pm
Sunday - May 19 - 9am-5pm
14 CE's

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